Consignment Sale Etiquette?!?!


Consignment season is upon us once again. I love it! I always get great deals and laugh at the prices of other items. Today I went to a sale and was relaying my experience to my husband when I got home. He thought I should write this post, so here it is. All of the seasoned pros, well most of them should know the etiquette for shopping although some ignore it or the newbies haven’t realized there is an unspoken code of conduct. People, like myself take time to tag, hang, sort, inventory, and some even iron the items that they will be selling. This takes time. Sometimes a lot of time! Not including the hours you may volunteer to get in early and/or lower consignor fees. We do this to either make a little extra cash or like myself to sell and hopefully make what I need to spend on my children’s season appropriate clothing.

Let’s start with the simple stuff.

1. If you volunteer please don’t bring your little kids in with you to rip off the tags, leave the toys on, or lose an article of clothing in an area not designated for that item because they wanted to try it on or play with it. This causes someone to lose out on money. It may not seem like much but every bit counts and I noticed this happening my first year of volunteering. Now we get to spend even more time sorting, hanging, and tagging.

2. To the stain inspectors. Seriously, we aren’t recruiting Marines. We are looking at used clothing. Have respect when looking at a garment. Don’t make rude comments. They may be standing inches from you and I’m sure your child has ruined a garment or two at some point in their time. If you are unsure about if a stain should be allowed and you are new or haven’t worked that position before just ask. They do not want your chocolate milk stained white boutique dress however a slight discolored spot or something that appears could be washed out they usually allow. At least at the sale I have worked over the past few years.

3. Don’t pull your stuff to the top of the pile. It will all get tossed around eventually anyway and it’s just rude.

4. DO NOT put and item back so it can be bought at a reduced rate later. This unfortunately happened to me last year and luckily between volunteering and my SIL volunteering we were able to catch it and the sale rewrote my check for the entitled amount. It was a big difference not a mere dollar. This is just rude and should exclude you from working the sale for a designated period of time.

On to the shoppers.

5. When you are shopping I realize we are all pulling baskets, kids, or have our hands full but please use your manners. Today at a sale my children, ages 9 & 3 were saying “excuse me” and “thank you” but I can’t tell you the number of adults who just pushed right past with no concern what so ever.

6. When you are searching through items obviously there are many others doing exactly the same thing and in the same vicinity as yourself. There is a way to be able to search without being that rude person shoving. Say you are looking at a section of clothing, you notice someone approaching where you are from the side of the rack you are making your way to and you are fixing to collide into one another. Easy. You make eye contact. I know some think this is absolutely the worst thing ever. But just try it. Then you get to a point where you are both just a handful of items away and you swap spots. Simple. I usually even accompany it with something like “ready to swap” if they appear to be cordial or  “do you need over here” if they seem to be a little on the stuffy side. Then you switch spots and pick up where you left off. Today we were going through homeschooling books. I had a lady on either side of me. The lady to my right was headed down the line as was I. The one to my left was headed in the opposite direction. Neither of these ladies knew etiquette or even bothered to look up. Not only were they blocking the bins they were finished looking in but going through the one I was in without even a simple “excuse me” Needless to say most of the reason for this post! The expression too many cooks in the kitchen comes to mind. Too many hands in the books.

7. Sorting is what you do at the end of your shopping excursion. Today the sale I was at actually had a sorting area with tables and racks for items that needed to be returned. It was great. Now the sale I normally shop doesn’t have this. You pick a spot as far away from the crowd as possible which usually isn’t but maybe a good foot or two and you go through what you have, pick out your favorites, return the others and usually add up your total. The items are usually left on the floor till the volunteers come around and resort these items. If they don’t have a sorting area obviously just make do but if they do use it.

8. NEVER take items out of someone’s basket, cart, buggy, stroller, etc unless they have given you permission. This WILL start a feud if it’s my basket but you might be unlucky and get one of the ones that punch first and ask questions later.

You are finally finished. Now what? Head to the exit. It is time to wait in line. It may be mere minutes or a good hour. Either way be prepared.

9. Simple grade school rules. Don’t cut the line. It’s annoying and childish. You can have someone hold your spot and come back. We don’t mind seeing that but line cutters just suck.

10. Be prepared and courteous at check out. If paying by check have as much filled out as possible. Don’t have your purse in the bottom of your basket and have to dig it out. Also these people are usually volunteers ringing you up and are tired too. They may not have been standing in line with you but I’m sure at some point they will be in that line.

So basically just use your manners. Think. You don’t have to socialize just be nice.



Summer Fun

I decided to have a plan this summer. To not just waste the days and then sit around watching movies because we don’t know what else to do. Don’t get me wrong, we still have those days and there is nothing wrong with lazy days with no plans. Those create great memories too. The reason for the plan is simply because I do better with a plan and the kids do well when they know what is going on.

So our plan this summer is to dedicate one week to something fun or educational. At the end of the week I have my oldest turn in a story or report about what we did. No I’m not trying to be a mean mom, but he needed to work on his writing skills. He tells wonderful stories but putting them on paper he gets in a hurry. Our first week was Book Week. I did this so I could take advantage of signing the boys up for the Summer Reading Program at the library. I try to get them to read each day and this was a good way to get the summer started. We visited the library of course and we’ve even went to see one of the programs that the library hosts. The next week was Nature Week. That was a lot of fun. We went on a nature hike on a little trail here in town and spent time out at parks, creeks, caught turtles and spent lots of family time too.

Last week we did Water Week. We visited one of the free splash pads close by, swam at the pools, and took a picnic with a friend down at a creek where the kids could slide down the rocks. The kids had water balloon fights and I even took an idea off of Pinterest for the boys. Freezing their toys in a pie pan with water and letting them chip away to break the toys free.

This week we took a trip to Legoland and will have some pool time tomorrow but my original plans got squashed so still trying to figure out what I can fit into this week. My original plan was history week and I was going to take the kids to the Booth Museum for their free day but since that is the 4th of July they will be closed. I may still have them, well really the oldest do history week since it is the week of the 4th of July. Use what we’ve got close by and preferably free.

The reason I am telling you this isn’t to make you run out to the store to buy up anything that could be used for activities, or to grab your calendar and scramble to create a special calendar of events but to help out. I know summer can be a leave some parents with a love/hate relationship. I love having the kids at home with no rush to get the oldest to school or me to PTO events but I also know that this starts endless hours of the kids being around one another and that can mean endless arguing. This is to give you an idea of some things to do.

Not every week will turn out like I plan and don’t get me wrong EVERY day is not planned. We just have a goal for the week and I try to plan a few activities that correspond. I prefer free for the most part but there will be some that will cost. My plan is to each week let you know what we are doing and if you would like to join in feel free to post about it on our Facebook page. It can also be a good forum to swap ideas.

Hope your family enjoys the summer together. Include your LEO on as many activities as you can too. They sometimes forget that they need a little bit of fun in their day as well. We all get caught up in life sometimes and forget to laugh. As LEOs though they deal with  tough situations and ridiculous people everyday and need to be reminded that having fun is not such a bad thing. Remember to love them and sometimes it does mean making them join you at the park. 🙂

Not Just a Crazy LEOW


I wasn’t going to post tonight but I have found myself here anyway. Today was one of those days were one thing ticked me off, then another, and another. This of course led to me wanting to scream and pitch a fit like a 2-year-old. The thing that really got my blood to boiling was reading a stupid Facebook comment about LEOs. I should have known better but I did it anyway. I then posted on Facebook about some statistics for corrupt officers vs the good ones. I realize that people who don’t live in this world don’t understand but it is hard for me to accept the fact that some just don’t care.

In one of my last post I said I was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching people disrespect my Officer and other Officers. Well today I felt like no matter what I do it just won’t help. Good news is I am stubborn enough not to care! I am going to do all that I can anyway but it is heartbreaking. I am aware that some who read this are not living in our LEO world but what I write is NOT exaggeration! You may think that our statements may be harsh or exaggerated or even ridiculous. To this I say, You have NO idea! I’m tired of blanket statements such as “Cops are all just jerks” or  “They are all so egotistical.” You don’t like to be classified into a group just because of a common denominator so don’t do it to us. I try not to give advice or make statements about things that I have no idea about so I would ask that you not act like I am an irrational police wife just “being sensitive”.

Each and every law enforcement officer (LEO) puts their life on the line each time they go on duty. Their job is to be vigilant at all times. To watch their backs, watch each others. I have lived this life for right at 13 years now. Standing beside my husband from one post of duty to another. I also have seen on the police wives pages almost every time we lose an officer. In case you didn’t know It’s 1 every 53 hours. It is a dangerous job. One that you are never really off the clock from. Hyper vigilance is what this is called and lots of officers suffer from it.  Them turning their backs on a person could be it. You can make jokes or smirk thinking I’m being unrealistic but go watch the videos. They are everywhere. Until you watch an officer pull over a man that he apparently knew from somewhere and take several bullets to the chest, hear him gasping for his last breaths trying to stay alive you don’t get to call me unrealistic.

Don’t assume because you have had a run in with an officer who might have been rude, which in that case check out the image at the top of the page, or because you have watched a crime drama, or a police show that you know how officers behave. Just don’t!

I know it is a little harsh but it is how I feel tonight. A little raw and a little angry but still planning on changing peoples hearts and minds!

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


So this week is Police Appreciation Week and I had hoped to see as much about that as I did about Teachers or Nurses(not to take anything away from them) but that was not the case. I decided even if it was something small my husbands dept. was going to be recognized. So I asked for help putting together goody bags for the dept on Facebook and got 3 lovely ladies that did help supply items, it was very thoughtful of them. I was disappointed though by the lack of acknowledgment they received this week besides my feeble attempt. When I asked my husband if this bothered him his response was “No, this is how it is.” It just seems that with all they do it wouldn’t hurt to drop off a card, food, waters, anything really. So I posted something about everyday this week in relation to Police App. Week. I figured even if people don’t care to participate I want them to know what’s going on. I was in a crappy mood thinking about how little was being done but when the 3 people decided to help it did make me see that some people do care. I was very appreciative of their help and was so glad to be able to do something.
Tonight though in reading some other wives blogs and the drive home from taking the boys to pizza I have decided I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore! I have always supported my husband and Officers in general but they just continue to get so little respect and I can’t sit by and watch. If it takes me posting on Facebook daily, bringing them waters, baking them even more stuff than I do already then that’s what will happen. Can you imagine going to work everyday thinking you might get shot, your wife might get THE call, that you might have to console a crying child after seeing his parents beating each other, that you might have to walk in on a suicide? You think “this is what they signed up for when they became officers.” No they signed on to protect the people. Even the ones who disrespect them and call them names. They knew that some of those things were bound to happen but they also didn’t know that the images that they would see would follow them around. That they would have to watch their backs even off duty, that after having to shoot someone that they would replay the nightmare even when awake.
It’s hard to be a cop! It’s hard to be a cops wife! But we both do the job because we were called to do it. As wives because we love our LEOs! So wives we need to stick together to show our support! If you read this and think “it’s just a job” I obviously need to educate you.
There was a time when Officers were respected and there were harsher punishments for harming an officer. We need to get back to that. If you have questions about any of this, ask me. If you want to see what an impact losing an officer can have come to the Memorial in Woodstock tomorrow. It might just be an eye opener.


* Update. Out of Town Travel

So I haven’t updated in a while about our trip. It was great! We only had about and hour and half at the very end of our 8 hour trip that got a little annoying but the kids did really well. They also played with their books even after we got to our friends home. On the way back we had a dvd player that was an extra our friends had but it ended up causing an argument and got taken away. The trip back was the same way. About the last hour and a half they were very restless but not horrible just annoying. So the kids enjoyed their books, the oldest made his postcards for his dad, and we were all glad to be out of the car after that long. But most importantly we enjoyed great friends and had a safe trip!

Traveling With Kids

We have taken several trips with our oldest and a few with both of our boys. Once our youngest came along he made it very apparent that he HATES to be in the car. Up until the last few months(he is 21/2) he refused to sleep in the car. He might accidently fall asleep but these moments are very rare.

We took a trip with my grandparents a year ago to VA just me and the 2 boys and my grandparents. Hubby had to work. I planned it to where we would leave right after school, eat dinner, get out and move a bit and by normal bedtime they would be in jammies and ready to sleep. Yeah right! He slept maybe and hour and a half the entire 12 hour trip. Yes 12 hours! We had brought movies, books, snacks for each child in snack baggies and water. I packed Mio in our bags as well so when the kids did want something different it wasn’t packed with sugar and we didn’t have to stop. All of these things worked except the sleeping.

So anyway back a few months ago our family drove to Myrtle Beach to stay the weekend with our friends and the dvd player wasn’t working. I was slightly concerned about how this trip would go. I was on Pinterest for a while looking for travel ideas. We made sure to have drinks within reach and of course stopped to eat and to our surprise the little one napped. Thank goodness! To keep the kids occupied though we decided to try some of my Pinterest ideas. Before our trip my husband and I went and grabbed goodies. Some were party favor type toys and some were snacks. I wrapped them and every hour we gave them one of their surprises. Huge hit! They loved unwrapping and just getting something to peak their interest for a bit. It was great! Since it went so well we decided to do it on the way back. Again it was a hit but I learned a few things. If the toddler can’t reach the window don’t get something that sticks to the window. It was a meltdown. I also got markers and paper. Only problem with that was the markers came apart to reveal the next color. Again, bad idea for a toddler.

We now are going to take a trip to visit our friends in NC and it will just be me and the boys. Again Pinterest has been wonderful. No dvd player again and 2 very busy little boys. What to do? So I went to Target took advantage of the Easter items being 70% off and grabbed several items so that they could get one each hour. This time it was mostly snacks but I think it will be ok. My friend also suggested packing lunches to save on cash. Target even had those things on clearance so I grabbed frozen pb&j sandwiches and lunchables. Also threw in Capri Suns because both kids can use them really well. Today though my project has been creating them travel books. They are turning out great. So I thought I would share the ideas. It is a compilation of the many different ones on Pinterest.

All it required was printer paper, printer, 2 folders(they were free at Office Max), baseball card holders. Since I  coupon I already had these.

You can make it a little easier on yourself if you just have clear page protectors or an empty photo album.

I printed out bingo games for each child, age appropriate, the alphabet, left one card holder blank for tic tac toe or whatever, and added notebook paper for stories or drawing. I also wanted to have some educational items in there. I gave the youngest shapes and the oldest multiplication problems. They each also got blank postcards to make for their dad and send to him while we are gone. Below are pictures. I plan on putting a map of our route and putting it in as well but I’m having problems getting it to print correctly.

If you have any other ideas feel free to share and if not maybe this will spark your imagination. Enjoy your spring break and if you have already had yours, I hope it was great!


The front of their books                                    The alphabet for the alphabet game


The bingo games                                                 Multiplication & Shapes

The older one has multiple tiles in his that he can change out for bingo


This is the Tic Tac Toe page but you can’t see it really well.

I think the key to these books is going to be not to give them out immediately but after  we have been driving a while.

Great Gift for Your Loved Ones.


I decided I wanted to try my hand at these really cute birds nest necklaces to give to my mom and mil for Mother’s Day. They turned out really adorable! So I have a personal goal to sell 20 of these by next Friday April 12th.They are $10 a piece. Once you order these can be in your hands within a day or two if you are local and just long enough to ship it to you if you aren’t. You can customize by adding certain colors or certain number of eggs. The chain is about 20″ long. If you are interested please feel free to CONTACT ME to place your order.