Schedule Flop


So we have all been there, house cleaned, supper cooked then the phone call and plans change.

We have church at the house every Sunday so the majority of the day is spent cleaning, getting ready for dinner, and corralling kids. Church starts at 7 and at 6 I get a call from my LEO saying “cancel church I will be home late!”  Then in that moment several things run through your head. Number one being “are you ok?” and he was fine but then onto the selfish parts of us thinking I just spent all day on this. We all are going to have those thoughts from time to time but what really matters is how we handle it.

First ask yourself a few questions.  Did your LEO call or text as soon as he could to let you know? Is this something he could have prevented? Is there any point in being ticked? Now I can’t say that I have always handled him being late well but I really do try especially after learning more throughout the years that being ticked really does nothing for the situation. Being an LEO spouse we have to know there are going to be times that they are late, unfortunately you can’t tell a thief to wait till next shift or plan his robbery earlier or a drunk driver to stay off the road cause he needs to get home. It would be nice but not feasible. In answering all 3 of the questions he did contact me asap, he couldn’t do anything to change the outcome, and what good would it have done to be mad? Luckily at this location he isn’t always late but this is just part of the job and will happen from time to time. It might have been an inconvenience at the time but when he gets home he will still appreciate the dinner I have waiting and the fact that things at the house are handled and that I meet him at the door with a smile instead of the “evil eye.” We have to have dinner without him but I am glad that he will get home safe. Now, again don’t think that there aren’t times when he walks in that I’m not frazzled from the events of the day. But in the grand scheme of things we generally find a way to work around his schedule. Tonight church was canceled but in the morning the house will be clean and we will have leftovers for lunch and my DH is home for the evening!

“The Police Wife Life, Selfish Is Not An Option”  Quote from Melissa Littles

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