The Overwhelming Task Of House Work

We all have the daily tasks that need to be completed at home.  The ones that we usually feel like don’t get noticed or that take all day. I found a website months ago through a friends blog called

The website is awesome! They have tons of ideas for getting your act together and she sends a daily email(if you wish) of a reminder of what to get done. The key to her whole plan is, one day at a time  and start where you are. She suggests making a control journal which is basically just a book of the lists and other things that are good to have in reach. I finally got mine started tonight. Now like I said I have been following her for months now. I confess that in the midst of summer I pretty much stopped doing it and I can tell a huge difference. So my goal for the week is to get back on track. It was so much easier when it was a little done at a time and one “zone” per week. Which is just a room for the week. But I just wanted to share this in case there were other moms or husbands for that matter that get bored or tired of the same mess day in and out and no idea where to start. Wish me luck as I try to get back on board!

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