Help Planning Dinner

About 8 weeks ago we started doing a menu for 2 weeks out at a time. I love to cook and try new recipes but I hate trying to figure out what to have for dinner each night. I hate realizing I don’t have time to make something I had in mind or lacking supplies for the dish that we wanted to cook. One of my friends has done a menu very often and upon hearing her talk about doing one before shopping I decided to give it a go again. I have tried this before but half heartedly and so of course it failed. First off I am a couponer so the thought of a menu to begin with scared me. What if I couldn’t make it work with coupons? Well I now coupon and plan around if possible what is on sale. It isn’t always every meal that I get lucky enough to get everything on sale or free but I have noticed that I sometimes have leftover ingredients to add to the next 2 weeks menu. For instance I price match the produce ads from the Aldis  insert at walmart. This week I got 5lbs of red potatoes for 99 cents and a very large bag of baby carrots for 49 cents. You of course could just go to Aldis but it is a drive for me. So these things may very well last into my next 2 week planning session. If you are afraid of some things going bad you can always freeze it. Just look up how it needs to be done properly. So anyway I have worked on a menu to share with you guys which will hopefully lighten your work load.  It starts on Wednesdays for us but you can mark through and change those if you wish.  I hope you enjoy! I may start sharing our menus if anyone is interested in those.

Menu Outline

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