Terrible Twos


As of yesterday the above sign was how I felt! Not only do we as officers spouses and military spouses feel the stresses from that job but then we have the great job of being parents. While it is an important and very rewarding job it can also be very, very draining! I know there are those parents who like to pretend that everything is sunshine and rainbows but it isn’t always for ANYONE. This past week we have been dealing with terrible two issues at least I hope it is just a passing phase. He has screamed, yelled, hit, bit, and then yesterday fought a nap for 3 hours all the while making a huge mess for me to later clean up. So by the time I got him up I was livid and then he was tired.

Luckily my husband often tells me that I’m a great mom and a friend reminded me yesterday to say no to mommy guilt. This was a day that I could have let it consume me.Unfortunately we don’t always have those reminders or that support. The lack of both would have made yesterday even worse so more power to those of you with no support.

 In our toddlers defense we have been extremely busy with PTO planning and executing our Fall Festival and we have 2 additional kids with us most days the last month and a half. I believe in addition to feeling all the hormone changes that happen in our poor toddlers he is feeling like his space is being invaded. So yesterday I reminded myself that he wasn’t going to wear me down and bedtime was promptly at 7 o’clock. Parents get tired but if I let him be a brat I’m not doing him any favors nor society as he gets older.

This morning as I opened up my Bible study the days study was on Jesus walking our walk with us even when we feel alone. That we are known and loved by the Son of God. I needed that this morning. To know that our husbands aren’t the only ones who can call for back up. Sometimes we have to do the same. It may be in prayer or literally picking up the phone and calling someone. It is important to remember that we aren’t in this alone, and I may buy a sign like the above and carry it around with me.  Prayers going out to all parents this morning.

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