Holidays for Cop Families


So as everyone knows the holidays are fast approaching. I LOVE the holidays! I enjoy the decorating, the baking, the moments with the kids and family. As a cop or military family though the holidays also call for some creative scheduling and rearranging. I think it is important for my husband to also get to enjoy the holidays with the family, for him but also for our children. Kids remember things like this. So in order to make sure they feel like they are a priority and to celebrate together we have had to get creative. We plan birthdays on the weekends he has off, which really isn’t too hard. Santa visited the police dept. one Christmas. We know that Thanksgiving means that he may attend late and sometimes not at all, luckily one of ours will be the day after so he will at least be able to enjoy some turkey dinner. This Christmas however Santa will be coming on Christmas Eve because we needed to get creative with scheduling. Sometimes it sucks going to family functions alone especially with the kids. Its much easier to tag team the kids with two parents. I know however that he is working hard to provide for our family, to keep the city he works for safe, and that if he could he would be with us.

Now I know that especially to a family just getting started in the police or military world it can become a daunting task trying to plan around the schedules. Also the rookies may just tell you to do it without them. Even some experienced officers may do this. Sometimes that is the only option but I think this eventually creates a rift that can cause other problems. My husband didn’t see the point in trying to plan around his schedule when we first got married, I do think that he does now. I was very intentional and persistent about him being present even before we had kids. The kids get to see him, he gets to see their excitement. Make them a part of the process as often as possible. It is easy to be out patrolling the streets, seeing the bad in many individuals everyday and start to feel like you get forgotten about. It is also easy to be the wife and I think especially if you are a stay at home mom/wife to feel forgotten. This is an opportunity to make sure you are enjoying things as a family. It isn’t always easy but it is so worth it. I know that our kids will remember their dad being there and that is important to me.

I hope that you get to enjoy your holidays as a family!

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