1 Month Challenge!

coupleAs I have browsed through Facebook the past month I have seen so many couples venting on their pages. Now while I do believe your page is your business this is so disheartening. I have been thinking about this post for a while and have decided it is time to write about it. Facebook is such a good tool for making contacts and for promoting but can also be used for all the wrong reasons. I want you to imagine a jar of marbles sitting on your desk. Think of this as your spouses self-esteem. Every time you post something mean, hateful, or degrading on a public forum you remove a marble. Now what happens after you are out? I know this seems childish but stay with me. It is hard to find  those little marbles to fill that jar again. I understand you need someone to vent to but a public forum is not it. Do you want your spouse to call you out on their page? Trust me, you may think you do no wrong but you do. I know because I have seen myself do things that I would be irritated by. It’s hard to eat crow. But find a GOOD friend to talk to if you must. Not your mom, it is hard for them to see both sides sometimes. Also not someone who doesn’t believe that marriage is a sacred union between 2 people that takes work. My husband and I really try not to post things or say things that are degrading to one another. Now, neither of us are perfect so we haven’t always succeeded but we really put forth a good effort. We have our people we can talk to but we don’t post our negative feelings about each other on Facebook. Every marriage is bound to have a day that isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but it doesn’t mean you have to broadcast it. So in saying all this I want to issue you a challenge. For the next month every time you start to post something negative I want you to take a moment, think of something good that they have done and post that instead. Seriously for a whole month, do two if you need to. Just think that you need to build them up not tear them down. The rest of the world may be beating them down daily. Don’t join in. Be the one fighting FOR your spouse.

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