Christmas Vacation

I need this because I get in a rut! 75 TV Free Activities For Toddlers...So many that are so simple, but we forget It is Christmas vacation! I love when our oldest is on school break. Like really Love it! It does get a little difficult at times trying to find things to keep us all busy and from getting on each others nerves towards the end of vacation but I still enjoy it. With Pinterest there are a ton of ideas thankfully that don’t include the television.  We try things around here such as coloring, playing at the sink while I wash dishes, impromptu baths, cars, and even just going to visit relatives or to the store. There are days we do nothing but just watch movies or play quietly and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that either. You nor your children have to be busy all the time. Occasionally it is hard not to concede to mommy guilt that everyday isn’t filled with some magical adventure that we have planned to a tee. Along with a lunch that looks like characters from popular movies that is 100% healthy and accessories that are handmade to match the theme. But trust me your children just want to spend time with you. I am number one for mommy guilt but in my moments of reality I realize I am not doing as bad as I think some times. So far for this vacation I don’t have a lot planned. But here are a few. My toddler will still have preschool activities that we will do 3 times a week, play dates with friends kids that we haven’t seen in a while, and visiting relatives. I think we will have a minute to win it game day that the kids will love and because they are minute long games it should keep their interest or can be cut short if no one is cooperating. I also plan on looking into some different activities on Pinterest. We may make a trip to the movies but honestly I am most looking forward to days spent with my kiddos, my hubbies days off, and us not having a crazy schedule to follow.

* Picture at top is from this blog where there is a list of 75 free activities for toddlers


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