What Standard of Measurement Do We Use?

Today i was doing my devotional reading called Parenting by Design on You Version and read the following:

In today’s culture, these words are tough teaching for parents! We long for our kids to be wise by human standards, just look at the emphasis we put on grades, test scores, and college acceptance as measures of success and worth. We revel in achievements that put them in positions of influence such as cheerleader, student government, or captain of a team. We may envy the opportunities available to other children due to their family’s wealth or social position.

While God calls us to use our minds to make wise choices, no amount of human knowledge can replace Christ’s work on the cross. Ironically, real strength and wisdom are found by surrendering our pride and coming to God in humility and weakness.

Teach your children that real strength comes by submitting to God and humbling yourself before others.

It really struck a chord and I felt like I needed to share it. We all want our children to become successful and that is by no means a bad thing. I do think however that it is easy to lose sight of the end goal sometimes. We think of the here and now, not later. The instant gratification. We measure only by earthly standards. That leaves a lot to be unaccounted for.

Applaud your childrens efforts and successes but also times where they tried and failed. Pray for them and ourselves to keep our eyes focused on God as we achieve our earthly goals and that we learn and teach our children what a true measure of a person is.

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