Cute Gift Ideas

Any time I go looking for our children police stuff I can’t find very much. If I find a bed set it is usually either ridiculously expensive or has fire trucks and ambulances as well. The toys I usually happen across are the little police sets with handcuffs and badges. You only need so many of those things. So today I decided to look around a little more and see if I could find anything reasonable. I have actually found some so I decided to share.

The first one is from Overstock and is this cute little Police Trike for $60.00

                                        @Overstock - Police-themed patrol tricycle riding toy

This next one was done using a cricut and vinyl but I think it could also be painted. I found it on TDY Designs


Apparently this Melissa & Doug puzzle runs about $10 and can be found in stores and on Amazon


These crayons on etsy would make cute party favors or stocking stuffers especially at $5

                                Recycled crayon party favor- Badge 7 count

So I am curious. Are there any police themed items that you are looking for but can’t find or can’t seem to find a good price on?

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