No R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


So this week is Police Appreciation Week and I had hoped to see as much about that as I did about Teachers or Nurses(not to take anything away from them) but that was not the case. I decided even if it was something small my husbands dept. was going to be recognized. So I asked for help putting together goody bags for the dept on Facebook and got 3 lovely ladies that did help supply items, it was very thoughtful of them. I was disappointed though by the lack of acknowledgment they received this week besides my feeble attempt. When I asked my husband if this bothered him his response was “No, this is how it is.” It just seems that with all they do it wouldn’t hurt to drop off a card, food, waters, anything really. So I posted something about everyday this week in relation to Police App. Week. I figured even if people don’t care to participate I want them to know what’s going on. I was in a crappy mood thinking about how little was being done but when the 3 people decided to help it did make me see that some people do care. I was very appreciative of their help and was so glad to be able to do something.
Tonight though in reading some other wives blogs and the drive home from taking the boys to pizza I have decided I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore! I have always supported my husband and Officers in general but they just continue to get so little respect and I can’t sit by and watch. If it takes me posting on Facebook daily, bringing them waters, baking them even more stuff than I do already then that’s what will happen. Can you imagine going to work everyday thinking you might get shot, your wife might get THE call, that you might have to console a crying child after seeing his parents beating each other, that you might have to walk in on a suicide? You think “this is what they signed up for when they became officers.” No they signed on to protect the people. Even the ones who disrespect them and call them names. They knew that some of those things were bound to happen but they also didn’t know that the images that they would see would follow them around. That they would have to watch their backs even off duty, that after having to shoot someone that they would replay the nightmare even when awake.
It’s hard to be a cop! It’s hard to be a cops wife! But we both do the job because we were called to do it. As wives because we love our LEOs! So wives we need to stick together to show our support! If you read this and think “it’s just a job” I obviously need to educate you.
There was a time when Officers were respected and there were harsher punishments for harming an officer. We need to get back to that. If you have questions about any of this, ask me. If you want to see what an impact losing an officer can have come to the Memorial in Woodstock tomorrow. It might just be an eye opener.



* Update. Out of Town Travel

So I haven’t updated in a while about our trip. It was great! We only had about and hour and half at the very end of our 8 hour trip that got a little annoying but the kids did really well. They also played with their books even after we got to our friends home. On the way back we had a dvd player that was an extra our friends had but it ended up causing an argument and got taken away. The trip back was the same way. About the last hour and a half they were very restless but not horrible just annoying. So the kids enjoyed their books, the oldest made his postcards for his dad, and we were all glad to be out of the car after that long. But most importantly we enjoyed great friends and had a safe trip!