Not Just a Crazy LEOW


I wasn’t going to post tonight but I have found myself here anyway. Today was one of those days were one thing ticked me off, then another, and another. This of course led to me wanting to scream and pitch a fit like a 2-year-old. The thing that really got my blood to boiling was reading a stupid Facebook comment about LEOs. I should have known better but I did it anyway. I then posted on Facebook about some statistics for corrupt officers vs the good ones. I realize that people who don’t live in this world don’t understand but it is hard for me to accept the fact that some just don’t care.

In one of my last post I said I was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching people disrespect my Officer and other Officers. Well today I felt like no matter what I do it just won’t help. Good news is I am stubborn enough not to care! I am going to do all that I can anyway but it is heartbreaking. I am aware that some who read this are not living in our LEO world but what I write is NOT exaggeration! You may think that our statements may be harsh or exaggerated or even ridiculous. To this I say, You have NO idea! I’m tired of blanket statements such as “Cops are all just jerks” or  “They are all so egotistical.” You don’t like to be classified into a group just because of a common denominator so don’t do it to us. I try not to give advice or make statements about things that I have no idea about so I would ask that you not act like I am an irrational police wife just “being sensitive”.

Each and every law enforcement officer (LEO) puts their life on the line each time they go on duty. Their job is to be vigilant at all times. To watch their backs, watch each others. I have lived this life for right at 13 years now. Standing beside my husband from one post of duty to another. I also have seen on the police wives pages almost every time we lose an officer. In case you didn’t know It’s 1 every 53 hours. It is a dangerous job. One that you are never really off the clock from. Hyper vigilance is what this is called and lots of officers suffer from it.  Them turning their backs on a person could be it. You can make jokes or smirk thinking I’m being unrealistic but go watch the videos. They are everywhere. Until you watch an officer pull over a man that he apparently knew from somewhere and take several bullets to the chest, hear him gasping for his last breaths trying to stay alive you don’t get to call me unrealistic.

Don’t assume because you have had a run in with an officer who might have been rude, which in that case check out the image at the top of the page, or because you have watched a crime drama, or a police show that you know how officers behave. Just don’t!

I know it is a little harsh but it is how I feel tonight. A little raw and a little angry but still planning on changing peoples hearts and minds!

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