Summer Fun

I decided to have a plan this summer. To not just waste the days and then sit around watching movies because we don’t know what else to do. Don’t get me wrong, we still have those days and there is nothing wrong with lazy days with no plans. Those create great memories too. The reason for the plan is simply because I do better with a plan and the kids do well when they know what is going on.

So our plan this summer is to dedicate one week to something fun or educational. At the end of the week I have my oldest turn in a story or report about what we did. No I’m not trying to be a mean mom, but he needed to work on his writing skills. He tells wonderful stories but putting them on paper he gets in a hurry. Our first week was Book Week. I did this so I could take advantage of signing the boys up for the Summer Reading Program at the library. I try to get them to read each day and this was a good way to get the summer started. We visited the library of course and we’ve even went to see one of the programs that the library hosts. The next week was Nature Week. That was a lot of fun. We went on a nature hike on a little trail here in town and spent time out at parks, creeks, caught turtles and spent lots of family time too.

Last week we did Water Week. We visited one of the free splash pads close by, swam at the pools, and took a picnic with a friend down at a creek where the kids could slide down the rocks. The kids had water balloon fights and I even took an idea off of Pinterest for the boys. Freezing their toys in a pie pan with water and letting them chip away to break the toys free.

This week we took a trip to Legoland and will have some pool time tomorrow but my original plans got squashed so still trying to figure out what I can fit into this week. My original plan was history week and I was going to take the kids to the Booth Museum for their free day but since that is the 4th of July they will be closed. I may still have them, well really the oldest do history week since it is the week of the 4th of July. Use what we’ve got close by and preferably free.

The reason I am telling you this isn’t to make you run out to the store to buy up anything that could be used for activities, or to grab your calendar and scramble to create a special calendar of events but to help out. I know summer can be a leave some parents with a love/hate relationship. I love having the kids at home with no rush to get the oldest to school or me to PTO events but I also know that this starts endless hours of the kids being around one another and that can mean endless arguing. This is to give you an idea of some things to do.

Not every week will turn out like I plan and don’t get me wrong EVERY day is not planned. We just have a goal for the week and I try to plan a few activities that correspond. I prefer free for the most part but there will be some that will cost. My plan is to each week let you know what we are doing and if you would like to join in feel free to post about it on our Facebook page. It can also be a good forum to swap ideas.

Hope your family enjoys the summer together. Include your LEO on as many activities as you can too. They sometimes forget that they need a little bit of fun in their day as well. We all get caught up in life sometimes and forget to laugh. As LEOs though they deal with  tough situations and ridiculous people everyday and need to be reminded that having fun is not such a bad thing. Remember to love them and sometimes it does mean making them join you at the park. 🙂

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