Cute Gift Ideas

Any time I go looking for our children police stuff I can’t find very much. If I find a bed set it is usually either ridiculously expensive or has fire trucks and ambulances as well. The toys I usually happen across are the little police sets with handcuffs and badges. You only need so many of those things. So today I decided to look around a little more and see if I could find anything reasonable. I have actually found some so I decided to share.

The first one is from Overstock and is this cute little Police Trike for $60.00

                                        @Overstock - Police-themed patrol tricycle riding toy

This next one was done using a cricut and vinyl but I think it could also be painted. I found it on TDY Designs


Apparently this Melissa & Doug puzzle runs about $10 and can be found in stores and on Amazon


These crayons on etsy would make cute party favors or stocking stuffers especially at $5

                                Recycled crayon party favor- Badge 7 count

So I am curious. Are there any police themed items that you are looking for but can’t find or can’t seem to find a good price on?


What Standard of Measurement Do We Use?

Today i was doing my devotional reading called Parenting by Design on You Version and read the following:

In today’s culture, these words are tough teaching for parents! We long for our kids to be wise by human standards, just look at the emphasis we put on grades, test scores, and college acceptance as measures of success and worth. We revel in achievements that put them in positions of influence such as cheerleader, student government, or captain of a team. We may envy the opportunities available to other children due to their family’s wealth or social position.

While God calls us to use our minds to make wise choices, no amount of human knowledge can replace Christ’s work on the cross. Ironically, real strength and wisdom are found by surrendering our pride and coming to God in humility and weakness.

Teach your children that real strength comes by submitting to God and humbling yourself before others.

It really struck a chord and I felt like I needed to share it. We all want our children to become successful and that is by no means a bad thing. I do think however that it is easy to lose sight of the end goal sometimes. We think of the here and now, not later. The instant gratification. We measure only by earthly standards. That leaves a lot to be unaccounted for.

Applaud your childrens efforts and successes but also times where they tried and failed. Pray for them and ourselves to keep our eyes focused on God as we achieve our earthly goals and that we learn and teach our children what a true measure of a person is.

Totsy Year End Blow Out!!


Totsy is having a huge blow out sale right now! Tons of items going for $1 to $3 even sets of clothing. Books, toys, clothes for mom you name they have it. Also you get free shipping if this is your first order and you sign up. You really need to go check it out right now!

Here are a few examples:

Toddler Ruffle Jacket and Pants Set This outfit is $6

Headband with Clip On Zebra Printed Daisy Flower Headband is $2

This is $4.50

Infant Boys Classic Plaid 2 Piece Set

Go see what you can find. Brand new at Consignment sale prices!

Christmas Vacation

I need this because I get in a rut! 75 TV Free Activities For Toddlers...So many that are so simple, but we forget It is Christmas vacation! I love when our oldest is on school break. Like really Love it! It does get a little difficult at times trying to find things to keep us all busy and from getting on each others nerves towards the end of vacation but I still enjoy it. With Pinterest there are a ton of ideas thankfully that don’t include the television.  We try things around here such as coloring, playing at the sink while I wash dishes, impromptu baths, cars, and even just going to visit relatives or to the store. There are days we do nothing but just watch movies or play quietly and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that either. You nor your children have to be busy all the time. Occasionally it is hard not to concede to mommy guilt that everyday isn’t filled with some magical adventure that we have planned to a tee. Along with a lunch that looks like characters from popular movies that is 100% healthy and accessories that are handmade to match the theme. But trust me your children just want to spend time with you. I am number one for mommy guilt but in my moments of reality I realize I am not doing as bad as I think some times. So far for this vacation I don’t have a lot planned. But here are a few. My toddler will still have preschool activities that we will do 3 times a week, play dates with friends kids that we haven’t seen in a while, and visiting relatives. I think we will have a minute to win it game day that the kids will love and because they are minute long games it should keep their interest or can be cut short if no one is cooperating. I also plan on looking into some different activities on Pinterest. We may make a trip to the movies but honestly I am most looking forward to days spent with my kiddos, my hubbies days off, and us not having a crazy schedule to follow.

* Picture at top is from this blog where there is a list of 75 free activities for toddlers


Quick and Easy Dinner Idea!

Perdue Oven Ready Roasters


So Bzzagent  sent me an offer to test out the Perdue Oven Ready Chicken and I accepted. I love the campaigns they offer. The bzz kit cam with a free coupon and several $2 or $3 off coupons. I decided one week while planning my menu that it would be a perfect time to try the chicken. It did however take me a while to find it. You can usually find most of the items at Kroger or your local chains but not this time. I finally found it at Publix. I was just glad I found it at that point. So I took it home to try it. It really was simple. You open the outer bag and inside is another bag that contains the chicken and seasoning. Yup, already seasoned! You cut a 1 inch slit for steam and put it in the oven.  It takes about an hour but there is no other work until you carve it. I would highly suggest it especially if you don’t want to mess with the neck and giblets. It provided dinner that night and there was enough left over for a salad the next day and dinner again another night. Not bad at all if you ask me, especially with coupons! So if you try it let me know what you think. If you haven’t signed up for Bzz Agent yet go do it now. It’s a great way to try new products and earn gift cards while doing it.

1 Month Challenge!

coupleAs I have browsed through Facebook the past month I have seen so many couples venting on their pages. Now while I do believe your page is your business this is so disheartening. I have been thinking about this post for a while and have decided it is time to write about it. Facebook is such a good tool for making contacts and for promoting but can also be used for all the wrong reasons. I want you to imagine a jar of marbles sitting on your desk. Think of this as your spouses self-esteem. Every time you post something mean, hateful, or degrading on a public forum you remove a marble. Now what happens after you are out? I know this seems childish but stay with me. It is hard to find  those little marbles to fill that jar again. I understand you need someone to vent to but a public forum is not it. Do you want your spouse to call you out on their page? Trust me, you may think you do no wrong but you do. I know because I have seen myself do things that I would be irritated by. It’s hard to eat crow. But find a GOOD friend to talk to if you must. Not your mom, it is hard for them to see both sides sometimes. Also not someone who doesn’t believe that marriage is a sacred union between 2 people that takes work. My husband and I really try not to post things or say things that are degrading to one another. Now, neither of us are perfect so we haven’t always succeeded but we really put forth a good effort. We have our people we can talk to but we don’t post our negative feelings about each other on Facebook. Every marriage is bound to have a day that isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but it doesn’t mean you have to broadcast it. So in saying all this I want to issue you a challenge. For the next month every time you start to post something negative I want you to take a moment, think of something good that they have done and post that instead. Seriously for a whole month, do two if you need to. Just think that you need to build them up not tear them down. The rest of the world may be beating them down daily. Don’t join in. Be the one fighting FOR your spouse.